The Lighthouse Title team prides itself on close working relationships with all parties involved in a real estate transaction, where communication and a commitment to innovation are key! 

For the lending community, we deliver on-time real estate title and closing services, and anticipate your needs to get the job done right. We mirror your work processes to ensure that each step goes smoothly and provide memorable closings for our clients. Lighthouse Title is equipped to handle digital closings, from eSignatures to full and/or hybrid eClosings and Remote Online Notarizations when needed. We maximize convenience for our clients throughout the closing process!

When you send your transactions to us, you gain not just an expert closer but a professional in the field who wants to help grow your business!

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Your transaction is safe with Lighthouse Title!

CertifiID is an easy to use software solution that will enable your customers to ensure their money is transferred safely and securely.


Protect your customers from Wire Fraud.


Lighthouse Title is insured if fraud occurs.


The process is significantly faster than the old way.

Why CertifiID?

Money Protection plan Benefits
Direct insurance to reimburse you should your money not land in the account shared through CertifiID.
CertifiID has a team of experts that will assist you with recovering any stolen money by contacting financial institutions and coordinating with law enforcement.
Recovery Assistance
Dedicated team to communicate with you and monitor the progress of the return of money


CertifiID Introduction

Sending Wire Instructions

Collecting Wire Instructions

Confirm Wire Instructions

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