The real estate industry is a fast-paced, ever-changing world.

The Lighthouse Title team is committed to continuing education and professional development, as a way to stay on top of the latest trends and information in our industry. As part of our commitment to excellence, Lighthouse Title is excited to offer CE courses throughout the year. Through the courses, we invite Realtors, lenders, developers and other real estate industry professionals to gain insight into a variety of topics.

Title Education Courses, taught by our own Kevin Lounds:

Properties held in trust
Estates and probate
Water rights/Riparian rights
Foreclosed property/sheriff’s deeds
And more!
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Kevin Lounds
Our classes are led by Kevin Lounds, Lighthouse Title Group's Chief Title Officer. Kevin has years of public speaking under his belt and strives to keep the classes he teaches fun and engaging. To do this, he does not use a PowerPoint but instead uses real life examples to keep you engaged and walk away with more knowledge than you entered with.

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Current Classes

P1 Hot Topics in the Michigan Title Landscape

Part 1 of 2 | Earn 1 legal CE credit | 1 hour

  • Manufactured/mobile homes
  • Properties held in trust
  • Divorce
  • Lady Bird/Life Estate Deeds
  • Estates and Probate

P2 Hot Topics in the Michigan Title Landscape

Part 2 of 2 | Earn 1 legal CE credit | 1 hour

  • Water rights/Riparian Rights
  • Private Roads and Access
  • Land Contracts
  • Foreclosed Property/Sheriff’s Deeds
  • Tax Foreclosure/County Sold Properties

Introduction to the Title Commitment

Earn 1 legal CE credit | 1 hour

  • What is the Title Commitment
  • The Commitment Jacket
  • Schedule A of the Commitment
  • Schedule BI Requirements
  • Schedule BII Exceptions

Legal Descriptions

Earn 1 legal CE credit | 1 hour

  • Lot & Block in a Recorded Plat (subdivision)
  • Condominiums, Site Condominiums
  • Basic Metes/Bounds: origins of terminology
  • What is insurable in M/B legal description
  • NW Ordinances in MI, Government lots


Earn 1 legal CE credit | 1 hour

  • Tenancy is the manner in which Title is Held
  • Tenants by the entireties –MARRIED INDIVIDUALS
  • Tenants in Common
  • Joint Tenants—without additional conditions
  • Joint Tenants with rights of survivorship
  • Life Estate
  • ENHANCED Life Estates

Highlights of Ethics in Real Estate

Earn 1 FAIR HOUSING CE credit | 1 hour

(Learn more about the Fair Housing credit requirements

  • Five Codes of Ethics:
    • Integrity
    • Objectivity
    • Professional Competence
    • Confidentiality
    • Professional Behavior

Encumbrances Against Real Property in Michigan

Earn 1 legal CE credit | 1 hour

  • Notes regarding liens and attachments
  • Types of Encumbrances (Liens)—Voluntary and involuntary
  • Definitions of both types
  • Specific types of liens and duration's  

Basics on 1031 Exchanges

Earn 1 legal CE credit | 1 hour

  • Key Points
  • Rules 
    • 45 Day Rule
    • 180 Day Rule
    • Reverse Exchange Rule
    • Vacation Homes


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