First and foremost, the number one priority at Lighthouse Title Group “LTG” (comprising of Lighthouse Title and our affiliate network of offices) is the safety and well-being of our staff, families , customers and the communities in which we live and work.

LTG recognizes, with the time sensitive real estate and lending information we handle on a daily basis, our need to stay open and available to service the needs of our customers. LTG is prepared to continue providing a high level of service while using precautionary measures as recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), as well as our State and Local officials.

In order to keep our staff and customers safe, we are taking the following precautions at this time:

  • Main Doors will remain locked for general walk-in traffic during working hours
    • Our local team will unlock the doors for closings, meetings , UPS/FedEx/USPS mail , and other scheduled or call-in
  • Reschedule closing appointment(s) if any closing participant exhibits ANY kind of illness
    • Refrain from entering our office(s), if any closing participant does NOT feel well; OR if a closing participant has traveled oversees or been around someone who has traveled oversees in the last two weeks; OR has been around someone being monitored or diagnosed with COVID-19.
    • If any of the above have occurred, please contact our local office to re-schedule. Closings can be scheduled or re-scheduled via email, phone or on-line at!
  • Arriving to an office/Lobby
    • Customers are encouraged to use hand sanitizer and/or wash hands before entering closing room(s).
    • All common surfaces are cleaned multiple times a day; all reading materials and other reusable items have been removed from waiting
  • Office/Closing Rooms
    • All tables, chairs, door handles and others are cleaned after each closing;
    • Pens, paper and other items normally found on our closing tables have been removed. New pens will be distributed to each closing participant and not-reused.
  • Social Distancing
    • When possible , closing participants will attempt to maintain a distance of approximately six feet from each
    • Do not take offense….. LTG personnel will NOT be shaking hands until we know it’s safe to do
  • Mobile Closing s by LTG personnel temporarily suspended
    • At the current time, we have suspended mobile closings by our LTG personnel, except in limited cases that involve non-LTG contract

Should it become necessary to curtail business hours or operations as a result of public health concerns, LTG is prepared to use the technology and operational infrastructure we have in place to continue to meet our customers’ needs.

As we continue to monitor, assess, and implement measures to protect our customers, employees, and commun iti es, I want to also thank you for your continued loyalty to our Lighthouse Title Group network of offices.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me, or your local LTG office at their local number or toll free at 888-782-3210.

Thank you and stay healthy!

Bob Wuerfel
President of Lighthouse Title Group