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Whether you’re a real estate professional guiding a buyer through a sale, a business owner looking to purchase a new storefront, or a homeowner moving toward your closing date, you need an experienced, trustworthy title company on your side for the transaction.

At Lighthouse Title Group, we provide comprehensive settlement services, along with title insurance and other products, to give clients confidence and peace of mind during real estate closings. For title insurance in Kewaunee, WI, or more information about our services, call (920) 388-2226.

Read our customer reviews to learn how we have assisted your Kewaunee friends and neighbors in achieving seamless real estate transactions.
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Ease Your Worries With Experts

Are you looking for a trusted partner to oversee the title insurance and closing process in Kewaunee, WI? Lighthouse Title Group is here for you. We work with seven of the top underwriters in the country to ensure accurate, customized title insurance for both owners and lenders.


For residential real estate professionals, including lenders, we handle the entire closing process to protect their and their clients’ investments.

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We provide comprehensive title and closing services for a wide range of commercial transactions to give business owners an excellent head start in running successful companies.
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Whether first-time home-buyers or seasoned real estate professionals, we help new homeowners minimize and prevent risk when purchasing their dream homes.
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Learn more about us and why we’re the top choice for title insurance in Kewaunee, WI.

Our Services

Title insurance in Kewaunee, WI, is only one way we make the real estate transaction process stress-free for clients. Explore our services below:

Settlement Services

Our property settlement services give you confidence that your property title is clean and your real estate closing is legally binding. Whether you (or your client) are paying in cash or with a mortgage, we’ll prepare the closing paperwork with expertise and attention to detail. See Our Services
See Our Services

Title Products

At Lighthouse Title Group, we’re your one-stop shop for title products that ensure a transparent, legitimate, and low-risk real estate transaction. We offer:
Owner title insurance
Warranty deeds
Lender title insurance
Foreclosure guarantees
Junior loan policies
Construction loan policies
Comprehensive property searches
Plat/master development policies
Purchase agreements
Lead-based paint disclosures

Kewaunee Testimonials

"I know that when my clients choose Lighthouse Title Group the closing will be a success! They are prepared, professional, and excellent communicators throughout the process. Happy to recommend!"

-Carri B.

"The customer service we receive as a lending institution is amazing and reflected through in our end out delivery to our members! We love working with Lighthouse!!"

-Toni S.

"Great service from great people. Always willing to take the extra step to ensure everyone understands the process and has all their questions answered. Highly recommend this team!"

-Chris B.

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Lighthouse Title Group helps Michigan and Wisconsin real estate professionals, homeowners, and business owners protect their investments through top-quality title insurance in Kewaunee, WI and other solutions. Call (920) 388-2226 today to reach out to our local experts!

(920) 388-2226
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